Iowa Landscapes - Josh Kaiser
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Memorable Iowa Cornfield Sunrise

On June 18, 2015, Justin Rogers and I set out to photograph sunrise at this scenic Iowa field. I was planning to capture a panoramic of the scene that morning and had I not made some technical errors in the field while shooting, it would have been an epic one! The light this morning was nothing short of stunning. My heart sunk when I got back to the computer and realized my pano attempt was a failure. I tried multiple methods to fix the error in post, and to this day, I hang on to the files for the day my Photoshop skills improve enough that I might be able to rescue the image.

Fast forward two years, I was doing some culling and found this image from that memorable morning. It was the first of the images taken that morning as I was setting up for the pano. So not all was lost. I did manage to come away with a ‘keeper’ from that morning and some valuable lessons to boot.

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