Iowa Landscapes - Josh Kaiser
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Country Road Snowdrift

I was frantically driving the country roads looking for composition that would compliment the nice light that was happening. While standing in a ditch knee deep in snow, a car pulled up next to me to kindly make me aware of the spectacular full moon rising behind me (they were out taking photos too). I certainly appreciated the kind gesture but wasn’t where I’d need to be for a good moon composition, so I was intending to stick it out at this location a bit longer. The fellow photographer drove past me to turn around and managed to get a bit too close to the ditch before getting sucked in about 75’ in front of me, adding an SUV to my composition. It was a little disappointing for both of us (for different reasons), but mostly funny looking back. Guess it keeps things from getting boring. I did mange to capture a few frames before the SUV got sucked into my frame.

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